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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

many many w-i-ps, too little time

I haven't posted anything in a long while. So it would appear I haven't been too creative lately. Actually the opposite is true. I have so many W-I-Ps but no completed work. Here's a sneak peak at a few of them.

I love Halloween!!! I got this Bag-O-Skulls at the dollar store. I've got BIG PLANS for this. BIG PLANS!!! More on this later!

This is a mixed media piece I'm working on. I love it! I want to make more and use them as tradeable's when I go to Art and Soul next April. My problem? Finding the right containers. They just aren't easy to come by. So I'm working on adapting my prototype to something a little easier to obtain.

This is a small section of my experiment in upcycle. Upcycle, Trashion, call it what you will! I've been having a ball. Seeking out good material on shirts, dresses, Mumu, in the dollar bin that can be reworked into something fashionable. Well, fashionable by my standards. My taste in clothing has always run a little more towards the off-beat with a handful of romantic Victorian inspired items and a large dose of blacks, greys and browns.

A few shots of a painting. This painting = kind of Meh. I'm not totally digging it. Now I'm digging the process. I did a collaged background from 1 inch squares of decorative paper and I'm very happy with the results. But my composition is off. I think I need to sleep on it a while longer.

A few shots of a painting I LOOOVVVEEE! This painting makes me EXTREMELY happy! I love what I've got so far. I'm SO afraid my next step will mess it up. So I'm sitting on this one a while longer too.

Another work-in-progress is my sketchbook for the 2011 Sketchbook Project. I have the theme of Night Time Stories. I'm finding it hard to work within a theme. So I think I'm just going to draw and go back and rework a theme later. Right now, I just want to draw.