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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Doe Faux Grow Merlot Show Snow

I went thru my paintings recently and noticed a plethora of crows. Plethora. That's a great word we don't use often enough.

At first I was in a poetic mood. I painted crows which I could rhyme with the word "crow".

I give you "Grow Crow". I painted this on a day when we had 3 inches of snow outside.

Then reality sunk in and I painted "Snow Crow".

Next we have "Show Crow".

And here's my old favorite, "Merlot Crow".

The next 3 are all works in progress.

First work in progress, "Faux Crow".

Here we have "Doe Crow".

And then... and then... the poetic mood left me. This one is called "Home Is Where The Heart Is".
I've done a few more crows. I'm like 75% complete with 2 crow statues... One is a cloth and clay art doll. The other is a Crow-Monk. I think when I started it I somehow worked the name into a rhyme (why must crows rhyme?) but I've forgotten it now. I've also done a few more crow paintings. But those have all flown away.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Buddha from the catacombs

This painting was a total surprise. I started it with no idea where it would go. I painted the various shades of orange on the background months ago. Then I recently added the basic shape of the figure. The orange background seemed to call out for saffron robes. Then the other night I started playing with my new watersoluable crayons. I used those to shade and blend the face... and suddenly it took on an antiqued look.

After that the background looked pretty empty. So I added some mixed media pieces. I cut bits from a Korean newspaper and also added the Ohm symbol.

I really love this painting now!!! I just need to make sure I don't show it to anyone who can read and write Korean! Those pieces from the newspaper? They were from the classified section. They probably says "Hot Single Man looking for love" or "Need extra cash? Call us!!!" Not exactly in line with my subject! LOL But I still love it. :)

Empty Hearts

I finally finished the sculpture I started in November. Normally it doesn't take me that long to complete a sculpture. But i had to put her on hold for the entire month of December. I didn't start her again until the middle of January.

I'm quite happy with her. I think she's rather lovely.

the bottom reads:
Most people see her and think her heart is empty.
There is a hole in her heart.
It looks empty to them because they don't have the key.
Who holds the key to your heart?
What treasures do you keep locked away?

The Graveyard Book

Sorry, no Neil. This is ~my~ graveyard book!

This is a book I made for a swap-bots swap. The requirements were to swap 3 4X6 photos of a graveyard. Well, I couldn't just give photos!

So I made a little book. And once I got started it didn't make any sense to only include 3 photos. I'm rather happy with how the book turned out. But I mailed it 9 days ago and haven't been rated yet. I even included a mail tracker so I know it's been received. Still, no rating. ~signs~

Sorry for the glare on the photos. I liked a satin finish on my photo paper. It looks rather nice in person but unfortunately, doesn't photograph all that well.

I took all these photos at a local cemetery originally called Old Soule's Methodist Church. Here is what I wrote about the place:

These photos were taken at the cemetery for the church formerly known as Old Soule's Methodist Church (now called Word of Faith Tabernacle) The "Soule" referrers to Rev. Joshua Soule (1781 - 1867), a greatly esteemed leader in the Methodist Episcopal Church. The Lumpkin county church was founded in 1810.

This cemetery also includes many slot & tab tombs. To find out more about slot & tab tombs, read this.

The cemetery contains a mix of professionally carved and hand-carved stones. But I tried to highlight the folk-art nature of those from this area of north Georgia so I only included the hand carved stones.