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Monday, February 21, 2011

sketchbook Discolicious blogging

I don't know if the picture if finished. But ~she's~ finished. I envision a lot of things going on around her. But for the moment, with all the things that are currently going on now, I've just lost steam.

Sorry for the dark picture. I snapped her with my cellphone when I was running out the door to work this morning.

But back to HER (cos it ~is~ all about her), I like what she became. She has 1970's Rosanna Roseannadanna fizzy hair which brings to mind a Disco Queen. The other things in the picture with probably change her from a Disco Queen. But for the moment she's soaking up her royal status. Maybe she needs a crown?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

From the sketchbook - blogging

I haven't posted anything from the sketchbook in a while. Actually most my sketchbook time has been devoted to upcoming projects. It seems like forever since I did any drawing just for the sake of drawing.

The last couple days I drew both these faces. Neither of them are... pretty. But I like them both.

The woman in the scarf below was my trying different shaped heads. I usually draw oval shaped or heart-shaped faces. I went for something a little rounder. It's a very cartoon-y look. But I still kind of dig her. She's kind of like a renaissance cartoon character. lol

This ladies face is majorly lopsided. But you know what? We can't all be perfect tens. And she's learned to live with her deformity. She's pretty in a "you have an interesting face" sort of way; not a "you're features are perfect" kind of way.

Monday, February 14, 2011

test blogging

I just downloaded the Blogger.droid app. So this is a test. This is Only a test.

If this works it could be better than pigs and angels!
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Valentine's Day blogging

I love hearts and flowers and pinks and reds and all things cutesy-cute-cute. But I don't like to go that direction with my art work and crafts. The big exception? Valentine's Day. Today is the day I let my inner girlie-girl out. OK, she's not that far in. But today, she's celebrated!

It's so nice to have my Valentine home on Valentine's Day!!! This is the first year in our eleven years together that has happened (except when Valentine's Day falls on a weekend). So I had lots of fun today letting Him know how special He is to me.

I made these Valentine's Day cards which I mailed to some friends and family members. I also put them in my Valentine's lunch so He'd know today how much I love Him.

I made wax hearts filled with red and pink and white M & M's. These were so fun and easy, I made lots!!!! And I'll make them again too! Great idea! (just wax paper sewed free-style without the foot down and filled with candy.)

I'm a very good baker if I do say so myself!!! But I'm a HORRIBLE decorator! These came out OK and they taste great. Not the prettiest cookies around but I think He liked them. :)

All packed up for His lunch! yes, I did add some healthy stuff too, like His favorite sandwich and chips.

This is the drawing I made for Him. He has a close relationship to Bear. So I thought I'd show Bear how He sees him. As a playful, mischievous spirit. I framed it casually in a wood shadowbox. I like how it came out.


After I had varnished the Medicine Wheel painting I realized I had a board completed for each step of this process. So I lined them up and took a photo.

On the far left is the board covered in plaster. I use joint compound but there is a whole lot of different kinds of things you could cover the board with. Plaster of paris works. So does paper mache'. Caulk also works. Artist medium (gel medium) also works but is the most expensive option. I've used each of those before.

The second one from the left has the background colors. I paint a solid background. Then I add an explosion of color. Squiggles, hearts, geometeric shapes, numbers, letters, dashes and dots. Anything to give the background a lot of variety.

The second one from the right has my stencil painted. Just the basic outline. Next I'll add my detail. In the case of this picture, it'll be in black.

My last step is to outline in white. Sometimes I'll add a little white detail. For my Koishii painting I added her white spots on her toes, face and belly.

And that's that. Easy-peasy.

medicine wheel - blogged

I REALLY need to start taking pictures of these before I put 50 coats of gloss varnish on top!!!

But here is a medicine wheel painting I completed this weekend. It's going to it's new home, a Hypno Therapy and Reiki Studio in Cumming Ga, tomorrow.

Oh what a horrible glare!!!!
no glare but oh so dark!!! But at least you can see each symbol here.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Koishii Lees

After I finished my fox painting that I posted yesterday I was reminded of Koishii. As always. Koishii Lees is our Shiba Inu. And she looks like a little fox. Or a minature Akita, which is what Shiba Inu's kind of are. But she likes to think she looks like a fox. Or maybe a timber wolf.

See? I look just like a fox! Aren't I cute?

This is my FAVORITE picture of Koishii.

So here's Koishii! Neither picture shows her cute curly tail. I don't have a photo of her in this pose but she does it often. It's usually followed by a shiba-fit. That might be the reason I don't have a picture of her like this. It's hard to keep her still sometimes when she's in full-on-play-mode!

Anyways I'll bet my influences here are easy to guess. I've been very influenced lately by artists Jesse Reno (whose class I can't wait to take at Art & Soul Virginia!!!) and Alabama artist Suzan Buckner. Both artists create layer over layer over layer of color. I'm finding myself doing more of these layer effects and I've been happy which the results each time.