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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I'm involved in a real fun project Over Here on Tam's ning, Willowing & Artist Friends. It's an art journal round robin.

I probably should be patient and wait to post pictures. But I'm diggin' the books so far! I won't post what other people have done so far (though I will post my whole book once it's complete!!!) But here are my pages.

This is in Mindy's book. Her theme is about self discovery. I've started trying to incorporate my own symbolism into my work. So I didn't say "in words" my self discovery. But it's meaningful to me.... in my own secret language.

This is the cover page on my book. I first started to make the theme Victorian Side Show Freaks. LOL But then decided to make it a little looser... Just Circus related.

Here are my side show girls. Their circus name is Double Trouble. It's not finished yet. But what can I say. I'm impatient!!!

If Round Robins and Collaborative Art interests you, please check out the group!!! We have a few spots left and this is a fun group with lots of great artists.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh Deer

I did both of these a few weeks ago. But as they were presents I didn't want to post them too early (and ruin the surprise). I'm happy with them both.

acrylics on canvas; this one is done very much in the style of my most recent canvas' though a lot less folk art and a little more graphic. But I like it. I struggled with the background for a long time. It went from light green to pink to yellow. Then I put a burnt umber wash with fluid acrylics and suddenly it worked!

This one was a total experiment (as I'm likely to do in the studio lol OFTEN!) It's made from found object (the plastic deer) covered in joint compound. I then did several washes in various colors of fluid acrylics. I like the simplicity of this one. I think it works.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

weekend update

What a busy weekend we had!

Saturday we cut our path pavers (for lack of a better word) for our Zen Garden. This is what we plan on doing. And last Fall we had to cut 6 trees out of the yard. We saved them and let them dry out. Saturday we cut them into 3 inch thick stepping stones.

I'm not sure we have enough. But it's a good start. We can always do more later... or adapt our design a little. Either. :)

Saturday night we went and saw one of my FAVORITE bands at Verizon Wireless Ampitheater. My first time at the venue and enjoyed it a great deal!!! It's nice to have such a great venue so close to home. We'll be back.

But now, please enjoy the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy! They are The Shizzle!

EDIT: Try as I might I can NOT get YouTube to embed this video. But HERE they are. Enjoy!!