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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Doe Faux Grow Merlot Show Snow

I went thru my paintings recently and noticed a plethora of crows. Plethora. That's a great word we don't use often enough.

At first I was in a poetic mood. I painted crows which I could rhyme with the word "crow".

I give you "Grow Crow". I painted this on a day when we had 3 inches of snow outside.

Then reality sunk in and I painted "Snow Crow".

Next we have "Show Crow".

And here's my old favorite, "Merlot Crow".

The next 3 are all works in progress.

First work in progress, "Faux Crow".

Here we have "Doe Crow".

And then... and then... the poetic mood left me. This one is called "Home Is Where The Heart Is".
I've done a few more crows. I'm like 75% complete with 2 crow statues... One is a cloth and clay art doll. The other is a Crow-Monk. I think when I started it I somehow worked the name into a rhyme (why must crows rhyme?) but I've forgotten it now. I've also done a few more crow paintings. But those have all flown away.


Anonymous said...

Merlot Crow would match my bedroom! I know you dont get art to match...but it does!

magpie said...

ooooooooooooooooo! crows!
any member of the family corvidae
is a friend of mine.

these make me smile.