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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

newest pendants

I was in the mood to make some clay pendants the other day. I made a pair and gave one (the teal-green one) to a friend. I kept the pink one of course... cos I'm a Pink Gal.

They are made from air-dry paper clay. I included a bit of mixed media: beads, sea glass, decorative papers. The pink one says "dream" and the teal one says "soar". In the future I plan on making more, only 2 sided. The front will have an inspirational word. The back will say "Fre' Of SIDS". And a proceed of any sales will go to the Fre' Of SIDS foundation. (in my much neglected etsy shop - which has never been opened to the public. lol lots of good that does!)

The photograph is taken on my fabulous new studio chair. I love the print!!! It's chocolate brown with an organic mix of sage and blue flowers and leaves. My studio is a bright green and it opens to the living room (which has taupe walls with sage, burgundy and chocolate accents). So I think the chair looks rather nice. The blue makes it only the "Studio Chair"... but the chocolate and green makes it coordinate with the living room. It's almost as if I planned it! ;-)

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Manon said...

They are really pretty, Heather!! I love the way they look on your chair.