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Friday, March 18, 2011

new cuff - blogging

Last night i was doing a little free stitching on the sewing machine. I have 12 - 18 assemblages i'm working on... trades/presents for upcoming birthdays, Art & Soul retreat, i'm-thinking-of-you presents, etc. I did the stitching part of the assemblage for 8 of my pieces. It was frustrating but i'm very happy with how this step came out.

When i decided to pack it up for the night i still had a pile of felt, linen, lace and ribbon scraps. So i made this cuff. I'll post a close-up picture later. But here's a picture of today's outfit.

Yes today is blue jean Friday. We're allowed to wear jeans 1 day a month if we donate $5 to charity. I'm not a blue jean person but i do like to donate my fiver.
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Andrée Lachapelle said...

You're wearing your heart on your sleeve! Cute!

Unknown said...

Nice to make a gift for yourself every once in awhile! It's neat-o!