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Friday, April 15, 2011

a row of assemblages ~blogging

I've been hard at work, making as many small art pieces as possible to bring with me to the Art and Soul retreat in Hampton Virginia, end of April. I know most people are bringing ATCs, charms, postcards... something of that nature. But i don't do any of that. I do assemblage and large scaled paintings. So i made these mini assemblages.

The photos come from my Papa's collection. He was a professional photographer before The Great Depression. And i often use copies of his photos in my work. Here i took pictures and coated them with resin to give them the look of a transparency. I then attached it to a painted, distressed tin and embellished with different items (buttons, keys, metal bits, pieces i scuplted from clay, etc). I dig them. I call the "kinfolk".

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Andrée Lachapelle said...

Those are fantastic!!! Well done!

Young People in Love said...

these are awesome! have fun at the retreat!

Unknown said...

So very awesome to meet you at Jerrys! Have the best time ever at Art & Soul! I know you will. Lets please keep in touch so I can hear all about it!!
Your blog is so great!