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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Murphy Sculpture Garden

Last month we were in Malibu for The Man's graduation.

We took a few extra days to explore the California coastline. We went to The Getty Museum. Simply AMAZING!!! And we also went to the Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden at UCLA.

I didn't photograph every piece. Some I didn't love. Some didn't photograph well. But below are a lot of my favorite pieces.

this face stencil was painted on a wall at the sculpture garden. i'm fond of well-placed stencils like this one.

Mulier by Eric Gill

Mulier by Eric Gill from across the reflecting pool. just lovely!

Ptolemy III by Jean Hans Arp

Freya by Gerhard Marcks

Maja by Gerhard Marcks

Autumn by Henri Laurens

I don't see Autumn here At All!!! Hmmm, unless maybe the model's name was Autumn?

Heroic Head by Aristide Maillol

Pensive by Deborah Butterfield

I LOVE Deborah Butterfield's work. What a nice surprise to find one here.

Mère Ubu by Joan Miro

Two-Piece Reclining Figure, No. 3 by Henri Moore

Two-Piece Reclining Figure, No. 3 by Henri Moore (another angle)

The Walking Man by Auguste Rodin

Having just finished reading Steve King's The Stand, this one freaks me out a little.

I can't find out the artist and title of this one :(

Night by Anna Mahler

Standing Woman by Gaston Lachaise

I love how strong she looks!

Head of France by Emile-Antoine Bourdelle

Desnudo reclinado by Francisco Zuniga

Or Reclining Nude. I must tell you this was my FAVORITE! I love when artists play with proportions like this. And her face is very lovely.

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