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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

SouLodge by Pixie Campbell - Winter session

Hello Winter Solstice. We bid you welcome on December 22nd. And so starts a preview to the winter session of SouLodge with the Mother of All Releasing Ceramonies.

From Pixie's website:

SouLodge: Winter Session 2012
SouLodge Winter Session will cover the season in which we are typically withdrawn and resting, the time we embrace recharging, stillness and wisdom, and with a strong emphasis on Restoration. We will also be reflecting on the light that's making it's return and the celebrations associated. We will work with the post-holiday and New Year energies as the old has been shed and the refreshed is ready to be birthed. We'll be exploring the Upper World this term, with its associated guides, as well as journeying into the Lower World to commune with our animal guides, messengers and medicine companions.


Ben said...

Cool, very cool

Monica said...

What is the music, beautiful.