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Monday, November 30, 2009

Erosion Bundles in 2010

This time of year I'm always on the lookout for art projects that will keep me busy (or at least keep my mind occupied) for a good part of the year. For 2010 I think I found that project with Erosion Bundles.

This is from the blog post: The idea is simple: create an artistic bundle made from materials of their own choosing and “hang, bury, submerge, or just place” the bundle in the elements. This collaboration is to be with the ultimate partner…Mother Nature herself!

Here is the time-frame of the project:
January 1, 2010 - place bundle in nature
In between = share thoughts and photos
April 15, 2010 - retrieve bundle from nature
August 1, 2010 - finish art piece using your eroded stuff and rejoice

I've already started gathering items. I made a quick clay heart (paint & wire still to come). I have a little slice of wood, some photocopies of vintage pictures. I'm going to add a few different colored, decorative papers, some fiber, some metal mesh. Not sure what else yet. Then I'll fold it all together and tie up with a combination of hemp and steel wire. I plan on hanging either on the Sheppards Crook or in the Rose of Sharon, both right outside the kitchen window so I can easily document any changes.

It needs to be hanging by January 1st. More posts to come.

1 comment:

Andrée Lachapelle said...

I really love this idea! IF I finish some of my current projects, maybe I will participate...