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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Slotin's November Masterpiece Auction

Last night was the viewing for this weekends Slotin's auction. <---- Day 1 <---- Day 2

Though we get 2 catalogs in the mail for every auction I never make up my mind about the lots until I see them in person. Often times items I've completely overlooked in the catalog end up being amazing works of art.

Thus was the case last night. I saw so many beautiful pieces that I hadn't even noticed before. Things that don't photography particularly well, like the oils on reverse glass paintings (AMAZING!)... or the 465 lots Steve added AFTER the catalog was mailed!!!! This auction has been split into 2 days. I won't get to watch day 2 because I'm in a PMC class all day. So I purposely didn't look too closely at those lots because I didn't want to fall in love with anything I couldn't even bid on.

But there are items I feel in love with on day 1. Sadly, my budget won't allow me to bid on anything this auction. I usually only get to bid on items in the Slotin's March Masterpiece Auction (can you say TAX RETURN?)

It's the morning after the viewing and there are a few pieces I can't get out of my head.

I saw this in the catalog and knew it would be good. I then saw it in person and changed good to fabulous. It's a large piece on unstretched canvas. Once stretched and framed I think it will be extremely dynamic. The estimate is low so I'll be very interested to see the final price.

The oil on reverse glass paintings are lots 701 -708. This one is my favorite. This photograph doesn't even hint at how cool it is.

I'm partial to crows and this is the best one I've seen at Slotin's. I'm not familiar with the artist. I do love what they did here though.

This is 2 separate paintings. I love the whole black sheep/white sheep concept. And I love the decorative-arts style. This would be perfect in someones Folk Art Kitchen. (Mine?)

I've always wanted a David Tinsley. From all the lots (564 - 569) this is my favorite:

Another artist I've always admired and thought it'd be nifty to own in Malcolm McKesson. This auction Steve acquired 2 rare colored McKesson's. and The first one is my favorite but I honestly think both are fabulous.

Woodie Long, Florida Folk Artist, died a few weeks ago (and weeks after the auction catalog was published.) I'm extremely interested in seeing what recent events do for these sales. Though Mr. Long has always sold well, now that we have a finite number of paintings, what's going to happen to the price? His paintings are lots 312, 313 & 314.

Erich Staub is another artist whose work I've followed. His are lots 349 - 351. His subject matter can be a little cutesy at times. But his technique is simply amazing. Someone once tried to convince me he was using punchinella (sequin waste) but I don't believe that to be the case. I think each dot is his own handwork. Here's my favorite from the group:

We (me, Ben & my sister) ALL feel in love with the Robert Brady paintings. There were quite a few. (Lots 144 - 151) Most were nude portraits. But oddly of the grouping this was my favorite: It did for me what Folk Art always does. It made me laugh!!! (not to mention it was just a fabulous painting!!! And as me and my sister decided, very much in the style of a Max Beckmann)

So this morning I'm already registered and logged into the Live Auctioneer website. Unless something goes UNBELIEVABLY cheap, I won't be able to bid. But I'm still very interested to see what my favorites go for.

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