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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

the fruits of our snow storm

file or blog? file or blog? hmmm.... decisions, decisions. ;-)

As i blogged about last week, Georgia is deep in the middle of a Winter Wonderland!!! Ok, ok, relatively speaking, we are. But it's cooollllddd! i swear! We've been in the teens for almost 2 weeks! And we've had ONE WHOLE INCH of snow!!! ONE INCH! Can you believe that???

Georgia + Snow = a total stand-still

There is good reason for it. We don't have the infrastructure to handle it. No salt trucks. No one has chains or snowtires. Plus, we live in the mountains and way down a rural road. It takes days for our roads to be clear enough for life to venture off the mountain.

Not that I'm complaining! I got a lot accomplished during the 1st few days of The Blizzard (as I shall now be referring to it!)

I finished what is now my new favorite painting:

I just love her. The painting is called Love Comes In All Shapes And Sizes. I'm thinking of submitting it for a publication project a fellow artist is working on (and calling for submissions for). I love her that much!!!

I also decided the following two paintings are complete. I wasn't sure about either for a while. I decided to live with them and see how I felt. So over The Blizzard I pulled them both out to see if I wanted to do anything else.

I didn't. They are complete. So both were signed and varnished. That is my signal to myself that no further paint and/or embellishments can be added.

This is a portrait of Edward Gorey. He's TEH AWESOME.

This is a portrait of Robert Johnson. Also, TEH AWESOME.

And then I worked on 2 other paintings. The first one, I started last summer when I painted #LOFNOTC. The background was so involved I didn't want to do only one. So I painted both backgrounds together and color-blocked my figure. that is as far as I got on this one (though in my mind, I knew EXACTLY what he'd look like!) He's getting close to my initial vision. But much more work to go.

This one is at the very beginning. I painted the background on vacation this past September. But I never knew what I was going to paint as the subject. During The Blizzard I studied the canvas long and hard. I finally decided that the orange background was crying out for saffron robes.

This has a long way to go but I like His direction. I have more ideas for the background as well. It'll come.

In time.

I'm very patient.


Manon said...

Gorgeous work!! All of it!!
I laugh at the inch of snow!!! Funny.... what is a major ordeal for some is business as usual for others!!

Sandra said...

Thanks for your comment on my frozen erosion bundle.
Love the mermaid painting with the lovely fish.