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Friday, September 3, 2010

experiment in upcycle - 1st try

I've been very motivated by the upcycle chatter in the blogosphere. So motivated I decided to try my hand at it.

The 1st try didn't turn out so bad. I mean, it's wearable. Is it fabulous and fashion-forward? No, not by a long shot. But my sewing skills are extremely rusty. I haven't sewed more than a straight line let along a complete garment in 15? 20? years??? Perhaps I need to do what my friend did and take a sewing class. It seriously couldn't hurt!

That said I like it ok. And it was very easy. It's made from 2 extra large grey t-shirts I found in the dollar bin. I didn't do the neck detail. That's how the 1st t-shirt was originally. I cut both down to my size and using the 2nd t-shirt (which was plain) I added my skirt.

My biggest issue with it at the moment is it's not very figure-flattering. But I'm confident in my current slow-but-steady weight-loss. Since April 1st of this year I've lost 24 lbs. And I'm confident I'll continue on this current plan (it's so friggin easy!!!!!) so once I reach my goal I think this dress will look cuter. I'll just have to bring in the top a bit.


Andrée Lachapelle said...

Well done: the dress is adorable, and you look great - is your hair ever getting long! Love the shoes too, by the way.

And thx for the shout-out :-)

Leslie said...

The dress and you are adorable! Congratulations on your upcycle project and your weight loss! Keep it up!

Elizabeth Golden said...

First of all the dress is great. I love that you are upcycling. I am about to hit one of my closets this week and search for things to do the same thing with or donate. Second congrats on the weight loss. I like that it is steady, so much easier to keep off. Third the whole package you , the dress and the shoes are wonderful!