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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hello My Name is Arrrrrggggh! Art Heart Healing; week 3

The third week of Tam's Art Heart and Healing free online course is a busy one! We did another spread in our board book. We also decorated the cover. I've not done either of those yet.


I did make my Empathy Monster! Empathy Monsters have a zipper mouth. That's so when they start giving you a lot of crap, you can zip them shut!!! They LISTEN. Not judge.

Hello, my name is Arrrrrggggh!

Check out my sweet figure!!!

I've got so much love to give, I had to have TWO hearts!!!

On my way to my new home!!!!

The Monster was very fun to make. I'll probably make more. I've got lots of Monster ideas running thru my head now. :)


Manon said...

I adore your Empathy Monster, Heather. I wish I could make one but I don't even sew.

Kris said...

I think your Empathy Monster is absolutely incredible. I need one.
I'll sew the zipper closed tho ;)

Zom said...

I love your monster. Adorable, yet kinda frightening.