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Friday, October 29, 2010

Art Heart Healing; Week 2-A

For week 2 of Tam's Art Heart Healing course we're embellishing a board book. Subject? Ourselves.

I've not had great luck with board books in the past. And this one didn't go all that smoothly. First, I should have sanded the book even more before I applied 2 layers of gesso. It was still too slick to hold my paints in a few places. I covered by doing my background in the same original color as the book so it's hard to tell at a glance.

Also, I have a terrible time with transfers. Honestly, this one is the best I've ever done. And it's still not great. I look cross-eyed in the photograph and really, I'm not!!! lol I think I moved the picture a fraction of an inch when I did my transfer cos it came out slightly blurred. And you can't see how I'm rocking my Cindy Brady bologna curls!

This weekend I'll work on lesson 2-B and hopefully post it by Monday.


BadPenny said...

Oh but it looks so good ! I have no luck with transfers - my poor old printer just can't cope !
I've enjoyed seeing a few of these journals.

Thanks for your comment - I felt a bit bad that I hadn't used any Erosion Bundle material so using just a snippet was good !

Elizabeth Golden said...

Love the Cindy Brady look on you! Part of the charm of these transfers is there imperfections. I love this page!