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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


If I didn't have to work a 9-to-5er I'd have pink hair. I always tell myself this. Who knows if it's true or not. But when I go on journeys this is how I appear to myself.

Recently I found myself walking among a cluster of cute tiny houses. Cute as they were I felt claustrophobic among them. So I headed towards a group of trees. The trees were alive with noises; birds, insects, wild life of all kinds. It was a bit overwhelming so my instinct was to run. Until I noticed a single solitary butterfly.

It came towards me in a coy manner and then darted away. Come follow me. So I did. I ran forward without thought or caution. The butterfly went deeper into the trees but I didn't feel any fear. The Fool reminds us to take action, to move forward without fear and I became that fool.

Without knowing how I got there, I was running among the branches. My butterfly giving constant encouragement... Move forward.... Take action.... Don't be afraid. The butterfly said all these things in it's playful impish manner.

Or was it all just a dream?

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Unknown said...

I can't beleive you were in B'ham last weekend!! I loove it there. And yes, The Naked Art Gallery rocks!! She was the 1st gallery to say yes to my work. And now I am working on a second solo show with her. I am glad you got to see the work in person....and thanks so much for the compliments!!