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Thursday, April 1, 2010

the as-yet-untitled work-in-progress

The picture quality isn't good here. Sorry about that! But I took a couple quick snapshots of my current work-in-progress before I left this morning.

As a child I was OBSESSED with drawing horses. More to the point, donkeys and mules, which I thought were just cool. But like most young girls, I just loved horses. Strange child that I was, my favorite reading material was the World Book Enclyopedia. My favorite edition? H. Horse.

I drew this horse months ago. I always knew I wanted to do something large with it. So I give you: LARGER. Those the picture is very hard to see any details, I've got a decent start on composition. I'd done a background on this wooden board about a month ago. A pretty smokey blue. Two nights ago I roughed in the horse and rider. Last night, because I didn't want to loose my lines, I painted over the drawing using a clear gesso.

That's all I've got so far. But I'm excited for this one. I hope to paint more on it this weekend.

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