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Thursday, January 6, 2011

I've been framed!

Last weekend I really scored on frames at a local thrift store. I keep a list of the sizes I need in my PDA for just such an occasion. And I came across 2 lovely (and reasonably priced!) frames. And even more importantly, they both convey the feel I wanted each painting to have! How lucky is that?

She's Nothing To Crow About


Hanging side by side in our hallway
The one I call "Decay" is an acrylic on canvas mixed media painting. The falling leaves are made from resin paper. Her crown and wings are newsprint. Her crown's jewel and her tata's are pink crystals. The painting (and the frame) have a tattered elegance to them. When I was painting this piece the name in my head was Fae of Decay. She is a Fairy Princess. However her Kingdom is crumbling around her. Not that it matters to her. She's still strong and proud, even in deteriorating surroundings.
The one I call "She's Nothing To Crow About" is an oil on canvas. She has no back-story. lol She just "is".
Both paintings are 18 X 24.


Manon said...

They look lovely, Heather!! Great frames for beautiful paintings!! Happy New Year!!

Kris said...

What a great find! Marvelous frames for you marvelous paintings.

Kelly Berkey said...

way to upcycle! just beautiful!!

VildesVerden said...

Wow - that look great!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend

Stephanie said...

Exciting to find these beautiful frames that fit your pieces so perfectly!


Unknown said...

Awesome work!
And good fortune to find such fabulous frames...perfect works of art!