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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Art & Soul Virginia - part 5

I'm skipping part 4 for the moment. I'll post more about it later.

On day 5 we took Wabi Sabi Wax taught by Serena Barton. It's an encaustic class using the Japanese design philosophy of wabi sabi. It's a hard concept to define. But the way i understand it, it follows the idea of living in the now, not dwelling on imperfections; using so-called mistakes (as there are really no such things as mistakes - only opurtunities to learn). It's very Zen.

I've used beeswax in collage before. But i had never done true encaustic. First off, the smell is heaven. It's heavy and rich and i think i could become an encaustic artist for the smell alone.

I know accomplished encaustic artist can do amazing things; portraits, precise landscapes, etc. But wabi sabi is perfect for beginners. I enjoyed the process alot but left thinking "this is fun but i can't see myself becoming an encaustic artist."

Well yesterday we spend the day gallery-hopping in Asheville. One gallery had a dozen or so pieces by an encaustic artist. These were less abstract but still very simple and Zen. I'm now iching to try it again!!!
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Andrée Lachapelle said...

Cool concept! How big are these pieces?

Manon said...

They are very cool pieces!! I've never done encaustic but like you I have dabbled with beeswax!! Love, love your work!!

heather noye said...

Thanks Andree :) The square ones are 12 inches by 12 inches. The rectangular ones are 12 inches by 9 inches.

Thanks Manon. It's all very different from my normal style but i learned lots. And i see how to take it and do things more like i normally do. Great stuff!!!