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Thursday, February 17, 2011

From the sketchbook - blogging

I haven't posted anything from the sketchbook in a while. Actually most my sketchbook time has been devoted to upcoming projects. It seems like forever since I did any drawing just for the sake of drawing.

The last couple days I drew both these faces. Neither of them are... pretty. But I like them both.

The woman in the scarf below was my trying different shaped heads. I usually draw oval shaped or heart-shaped faces. I went for something a little rounder. It's a very cartoon-y look. But I still kind of dig her. She's kind of like a renaissance cartoon character. lol

This ladies face is majorly lopsided. But you know what? We can't all be perfect tens. And she's learned to live with her deformity. She's pretty in a "you have an interesting face" sort of way; not a "you're features are perfect" kind of way.

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