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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day blogging

I love hearts and flowers and pinks and reds and all things cutesy-cute-cute. But I don't like to go that direction with my art work and crafts. The big exception? Valentine's Day. Today is the day I let my inner girlie-girl out. OK, she's not that far in. But today, she's celebrated!

It's so nice to have my Valentine home on Valentine's Day!!! This is the first year in our eleven years together that has happened (except when Valentine's Day falls on a weekend). So I had lots of fun today letting Him know how special He is to me.

I made these Valentine's Day cards which I mailed to some friends and family members. I also put them in my Valentine's lunch so He'd know today how much I love Him.

I made wax hearts filled with red and pink and white M & M's. These were so fun and easy, I made lots!!!! And I'll make them again too! Great idea! (just wax paper sewed free-style without the foot down and filled with candy.)

I'm a very good baker if I do say so myself!!! But I'm a HORRIBLE decorator! These came out OK and they taste great. Not the prettiest cookies around but I think He liked them. :)

All packed up for His lunch! yes, I did add some healthy stuff too, like His favorite sandwich and chips.

This is the drawing I made for Him. He has a close relationship to Bear. So I thought I'd show Bear how He sees him. As a playful, mischievous spirit. I framed it casually in a wood shadowbox. I like how it came out.


Unknown said...

I love all of these Valentines...the paint sample cards is an awesome idea :)
Happy heart day, xox

heather noye said...

Thanks lisa :) after i made the paint chip cards i saw the same idea made into a flip book. i'll make that next lol

Joy said...

Guess what....we got our Valentine from you today!!!! I love it so much, and what great timing!! I am behind on making yours but I hope to deliver it in person on my work trip down there. Regardless, know that you two are two of my favorite valentines. :)

Love you and thanks for the wonderful valentine!!!