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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Koishii Lees

After I finished my fox painting that I posted yesterday I was reminded of Koishii. As always. Koishii Lees is our Shiba Inu. And she looks like a little fox. Or a minature Akita, which is what Shiba Inu's kind of are. But she likes to think she looks like a fox. Or maybe a timber wolf.

See? I look just like a fox! Aren't I cute?

This is my FAVORITE picture of Koishii.

So here's Koishii! Neither picture shows her cute curly tail. I don't have a photo of her in this pose but she does it often. It's usually followed by a shiba-fit. That might be the reason I don't have a picture of her like this. It's hard to keep her still sometimes when she's in full-on-play-mode!

Anyways I'll bet my influences here are easy to guess. I've been very influenced lately by artists Jesse Reno (whose class I can't wait to take at Art & Soul Virginia!!!) and Alabama artist Suzan Buckner. Both artists create layer over layer over layer of color. I'm finding myself doing more of these layer effects and I've been happy which the results each time.


Joy said...

Oh my gosh.....I just absolutely LOVE the new Koishii painting!!!! This is great!

I have to try this technique out! Wanna do another art day? lol


heather noye said...

Joy - thanks!! :) This was easy and SO FUN!!! We definitely need to do this again on our next Art Day.

Brian Sylvester said...


Coming to you via Manon's blog. You have a great site here, and I love your work!

Have a great week,